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The Seemingly Quixotic, but Remarkably Effective, Journey of a Small Band of Extreme Islamists And Why It Seems As If They Are Winning, When They May Not Be

Over the past weeks the news has been dominated by the discussion of the advances of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS, The Islamic State of Iraq and as­Sham/Syria) through Iraq, the apparent ease with which this has occurred, and the virtual absence of any concerted resistance from an […]

Announcing the Release of the First Annual Issue of Insurgencies: A Journal of Insurgent Strategy

Since the announcement of Insurgencies by Little Black Cart around a year ago the impasse that this project formed in response to has deepened. We would like to say that this is not the case, but over the past year it has become clear that the impasse that was generated after the fall of the […]

Two Pieces on Surveillance

Surveillance // Panopticon // Security Culture // Paranoia Why hammer out concepts–be it speculative, critical, or pragmatist–if there is a meta-authority overseeing it all? Why conspire in the light?….We need to develop dissident knowledge of how to bring down drones, detect sensors, hack servers, distort GPS signals, and disrupt Google by fooling its algorithms. Forget […]

Offensives, Ground Taken and the Assumptions of Frontal Conflict

All too often when insurgencies are analyzed on the ground, there is a tendency to focus the analysis on narratives of frontal warfare, of direct clashes of linearly defined forces that take and hold space. In doing so we fundamentally damage our ability to understand the dynamics of insurgency, as well as the particularities of […]

What Are We Doing Here?

Welcome to the blog for the Institute For The Study of Insurgent Warfare. We will be using this space to provide more consistent analysis than an annual journal will allow. We will focus on analysis of terrains of conflict around the globe, independent of the conceptual politics involved, on a material and tactical level. With […]